Vape Shot by Savage CBD-30ml-Savage CBD-30ml-1000mg-Savage CBD
Vape Shot by Savage CBD-30ml-Savage CBD-30ml-1000mg-Savage CBD
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Vape Shot by Savage CBD


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The Vape Shot! By Savage CBD. Add this CBD additive into and e-liquid, or really anything and give it a shot of CBD!

1mL = 33mg of CBD

Savage CBD brings you the pure and solvent-free CBD vape additive made from organic CBD oil. The users can experience cannabidiol with the fun of vaping. It can be easily mixed with other vape liquids like juice and oil. Vape is an effective way of experiencing CBD quickly, especially for beginners. It lets you enjoy the natural hemp flavor in the form of rich, smooth vapor.

Ingredients: Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerine, Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate, Natural and Artificial flavor concentrate.  

Lab Results

Due to Washington state laws & regulations, we are unable to process or sell any CBD vape products to the residents of the state of Washington.


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Ask a Question
  • Does the vape shot 1000 mg contain vitamin e?

    None of our products contain Vitamin E.

  • What is the Vg/Pg Ratio?

    It is 60/40 :)

  • Will this produce make you fail a drug test?

    Honestly, it affects everyone differently, we recommend not using any CBD products if you have to pass a drug test that will not accept lab results as proof for THC free products.

  • Can I use the vape shot to vape by itself, or does it have to go in another juice?

    No you can absolutely vape it by itself. :]

  • Can it be use in salt nic?

    We would not reccomend using it with nic salt.

  • Is your Savage CBD, a full spectrum CBD?

    Some are and some are crystal isolate. The Vape Shot is an isolate so it contains NO THC. :]

  • Is there 33.3mg of CBD in all ur vape juices or only the shot vape??? N if not then what's the next vape juice with the next highest % of CBD

    The vape shot is 1000mg so that equates to roughly 33.3mg per 1ml dropper.  We have tinctures that are not vapeable in 1000mg, 1500mg and 2000mg

  • Will the cbd oil gunk up my coil in my vape?

    No! It has never given me any issues. :]

  • Canitaketbecbd vape shot orally??if so how much is a dose!

    Yes. There is roughly 33.3mg of CBD in each dropper of the 1000mg.