Getting Sick From Vape Cartridges

Getting Sick From Vape Cartridges

It's no secret that people are starting to get sick from vape cartridges. It's all over the media and they are blowing it up on a national level. But here's the thing that not many are asking - is it nicotine? Is it weed? What kind of "vape cartridges" are they?

We think it's important to realize with the growing popularity of vaping devices that countless individuals have jumped on the bandwagon of making whatever they can into a vapable format. So we have seen all types of vapes from CBD vapes, marijuana vapes, spice vapes, kratom vapes, nicotine vapes, and many more that are available on the street. So how do you stay safe?

Well, what we have seen for the past several years - there are no cases of what's happening right now. It's important as a consumer to make sure you're getting your products and CBD products, especially CBD Cartridges, whether it be CBD 500MG Cartridges with Full Spectrum or Isolate from a reputable vendor, not someone you met on the street. 


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We also recommend looking into a companies history and lab tests, try to purchase from companies whose CBD Cartridges are made with high-quality hemp-derived CBD and can back their claims up. Remember you're inhaling this into your body.

Savage CBD stands behinds it's products and tries to offer as much transparency as possible to show consumers what they are putting into their bodies. Sometimes saving a few bucks isn't worth the risk.

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